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Quantum Response Testing is a muscle testing system that puts God and divine guidance in the forefront of the process. There are far too many choices today. And if our system were working, the sickness industry wouldn't be thriving! Learn how to tap into your own body's wisdom by learning a muscle response testing system that puts God and divine wisdom first,

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EZ Muscle Testing for Health - Online, Your Own Pace

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EZ Muscle Testing for Health - In Person

9:00 am - 4:30 pm Carbondale, IL

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Professional Quantum Response Testing Course Start

Online Cohort Start: July 1, 2024 (Prerequisite course must be completed prior to start date.)

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Professional Quantum Response Testing Course - Live Check In

9:00 am - 11:00 am Carbondale, IL (In person or on Zoom)

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EZ Muscle Testing for Health

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And prepares you to use Quantum Response .

  • Be clear on what muscle testing is.

  • Understand when and why muscle testing won't work, and what you can do about it

  • Become familiar with The Quantum Response Testing difference (why your connection with and ability to listen to God matters)

  • Become effective at using the Art of Pushing on an Arm-or APOA, which is what most people mess up (and think they can't do it)

  • Discover the secret CIA document (released in 2022) that shows why the Quantum Response Testing remote testing system works and its relationship to secret CIA research,

  • Understand when it can be harmful to use muscle testing and when to consult with a muscle testing professional.

  • Gain knowledge of when you can trust muscle testing - and when you can't!

  • Recognize the different names for muscle testing

  • Learn the most common types/techniques 

  • Become familiar with the basic use for muscle testing 

  • Be clear on when you should not to use muscle testing 

  • Understand when muscle testing doesn’t work (and what to do about it- great for you if you've trained with MRT but haven't been able to get consistent results). 

  • Understand why this technique is called Quantum Response Testing, and why that will set your skills apart from anyone else using any muscle response testing technique.

  • Have a basic idea of the definition of quantum and why that is important with muscle response testing (what most don't tell you)Understand how the atom relates to the quantum 

  • Grasp the idea of coherence and incoherence - and how that affects health and your results

  • Understand the importance of being coherent with QRT 

  • Understand the importance of activating your heartset (unique to QRT)   

  • Have an experience of activating your heartset 

  • Know the four elements of APOA (Art of Pushing On an Arm) and the importance of each 

  • Be clear about mindset with muscle testing 

  • Identify the 4 Parts of the physical stance and the importance of each

  • Understand how to do a Mindful Lean 

  • Be able to implement APOA and know what you need to work on 

  • Understand the importance of repetition 

  • Recognize the role of the receiver (person getting tested) 

  • Be able to manage the receiver 

  • Understand how to self-test 

  • Have practiced with the process

  • Have a good idea of when you can best make use of muscle testing

  • Know who not to test 

  • Understand when not to use muscle testing 

  • Understand when it can be harmful to use muscle testing 

  • Understand when to consult with a muscle testing professional  

  • Understand that each technique has its own process 

  • Recognize possible interferences to health.

  • Know how to check for those interferences to health

  • Know how to correct the interferences by allowing the body to choose the correct supplement. 

  • Know two ways to dose supplements. 

  • Understand the limitations of dosing with over-the-counter medications 

  • Understand what remote testing is 

  • Be familiar with some scientific research and philosophies related to remote testing 

  • Understand the foundation of effective remote testing 

  • Understand what makes remote testing not work well

  • Know the location of the five main organs that need support

  • Recognize some of the more common symptoms for the 5 main organs for health

  • Have a list of supplements that support the organs and overall health

  • Bringing it all together:  interferences, organs, and supplements.

  • Get clear on what you need and what your family needs by using this process of assessing dangers to health, supplements, and solutions.

EZ Muscle Testing for Health IN PERSON

May 18, 2024


Pre-requisite for Professional training

EZ Muscle Testing for Health ONLINE

Immediate access.

Three months to complete.

Pre-requisite for Professional training

EMBeR: Emotional and Mental Balancing and Repatterning - ONLINE


$ 347

REMOTE TESTING demystified.

Module from the foundational course.



Intuition, Faith, and Freedom - About Quantum Response Testing



Professional Training.
For you if you have a passion for helping others, or want to add QRT to your current practice.

The pre-requisites is EZ Muscle Testing for Health - in person or online. You can register today to get started!


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Quantum Response Testing


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Quantum: The elements in he visible and invisible world around you.

Response: Answering the question How are you responding to the Quantum World around you?

Testing: We use applied kinesiology aka muscle response testing

For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him. Colossians 1:16

Identify your values and goals

What is important to you? You'll get all the tools you need, and knowing why it's important to you will help you gain the skills you need to get the benefits of muscle response testing quicker and more easily.

The Setup is the Secret

And in Quantum Response Testing, we call it The Art of Pushing on an Arm. The very first step is Activating Your Heartset. This is where you connect to divine wisdom. This means you get better results. (Makes sense, right?) And we'll show you how to do it.

Use QRT for your health.

Quantum Response Testing is your gateway for relying less on the pharmaceutical system and more on this innate ability, that we all have. Used correctly, it can aid you in improved health: mind, body, spirit.

Use QRT for your emotions and success.

EMBeR (Emotional and Mental Balancing and Repatterning) will help you identify neurological patterns that are keeping you stuck, release them, and then choose a pattern that will support your goals and success.

Our Team

Dr. Bonnie Juul
Program Development

Kelly Patton

BJ Crabtree
Enrollment Specialist

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I decided to get trained because the system helped me so much.

I'm a pastor's daughter and it was important for me to have a system that was biblically. When I got my training, I wrote a book on it.


Kayla Barriger

Author "Is Quantum Response Testing Biblical?"

Quantum Response Testing Practitioner


My health has improved so much from Quantum Response Testing. I was inspired to help my family by getting trained using it.

Right now, I'm also seeing a few clients a week out of Dr. Bonnie's office.

I'm grateful I can help my family and community.


Kristen Gebbia

Quantum Response Testing Practitioner


Home School Mom

Office: 701 W. Main Street, Carbondale, IL 62901

Call 636-736-6426

Site: www.naturalhealthwins.com

About the QRT Logo:
The infinity symbol represents the infinite possibilities in the quantum field. Three is the number of the Trinity, also Mind, Heart and Soul. Three infinity symbols overlap, and if a line were drawn, would create a triangle. The upright one represents the top of a triangle and the connection and communication with God or the divine. The right infinity represents muscle testing, the connection between the 3D and 5D. The left infinity represents the habits and tools in the 3D world that we can use to connect to God, such as our nutrition, habits, and thoughts. They connect in the middle creating the symbol of an eye, representing the pineal gland, which is the gland in the body that allows us direct connection and communication with God.

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